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Zero Order Fees
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1% Rebate **
Unlimited Connections with Sellers
Unlimited Wanted Posts
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*Buyers have 5 days to review each order to assure that it matches the details in the listings. If the product was incorrectly represented under our terms and conditions then the buyer may either request a credit from the seller or a return which the seller will be responsible for covering the cost.

**All orders placed on the marketplace from BluePallet will receive a 1% rebate to use towards future purchases. The amount will be credited on the 1st of the month after payment has been completed for the order. Rebate is calculated off of the total for the product but does not include the cost of freight. Orders made via the network between two known parties are not part of the rebate program.
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$749 /month*
Great for those solely looking to sell more inventory.
Sell on Marketplace
Access wanted board
0% marketplace sell fee
NET 30 payment terms
Unlimited products
Unlimited listings
Unlimited SKUs
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$1999 /month*
To acquire new customers and expand sales with current ones.
All Marketplace features
Connect direct with buyers
Sell direct via network
0% direct sell fee
My network analytics
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$1999 /month*
To enhance customer acquisition and drive brand awareness.
All Marketplace features
Company profile
Company directory
Dynamic catalog
Discoverable by Buyers
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$2999 /month*
To harness all the platforms tools to drive sales.

All Marketplace features
All Storefront features
All Network features
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*All Marketplace, Storefront and Network plans require a one-time $500 onboarding fee.

**All Pro plans require a one-time $1000 onboarding fee.


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