Manage your spend and source raw materials.

Experience the only platform where you can nurture existing and new customer relationships, vet potential partners, customise price points, and enter into new agreements with confidence

Showcase your products to a global audience

Brand management, marketing and customer relationships — all in one place
Reach new markets and customers within minutes
BluePallet is designed to help your business grow and expand its customer base in no time
Sell overstock or off-spec inventory
Use the marketplace to unlock the value of your excess and off-spec inventory
Compare multiple  prices & offers
Make informed purchasing decisions and save money by comparing prices and offers using BluePallet
Book logistics with a variety of carriers
Streamline your shipping operations and optimize your logistics management


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What does the process look like to set up products to list?
As a part of onboarding, you receive training and platform support including inventory uploads. Our onboarding team will work with your team to upload SDS, SKU, Listings. Seller onboarding is typically 30 days and is dependent on how large your product catalog is.
How can you manage pricing and inventory changes?
Using broadcast controls and product level permissions you can easily adjust pricing and maintain inventory levels in our intuitive system.
Do you expect overstock or expired listings?
Yes, we have special functionality that delineates these listings within our system.
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BluePallet gives you access to a broad portfolio of buyers and sellers.

Develop better customer relationships, vet partners to do business with, and customize pricing for them