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BluePallet is specifically designed to work in partnership with distributors, recognizing their vital role in the supply chain and empowering them to succeed

Discover and unlock new opportunities

Use our innovative tools to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads, and close more deals
Expand your customer reach
Engage a wider market to move your inventory and take advantage of spot buying opportunities.
Access a wider range of products
Easily source products outside of your existing network.
Buy and Sell on a secure platform
All members are verified using our TradePass technology to give you confidence when transacting.
Showcase your products
Generate more sales and increase revenue by reaching a wider audience.
Automate order efficiency
Reduce operational costs by streamlining billing, invoicing and logistics helping to save time and money.
Reduce operational costs
Reach a larger audience without incurring costs of a larger sales and marketing team


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I have existing contracts with a variety of members, how can I offer them our pre-negotiated pricing?
Our Price Book feature also allows for customers to extend prices to their customers based on their pre existing terms and contracts. Also custom pricing can be extended to networked companies or geographically.
What are the listings minimums?
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How do you verify members on BluePallet?
We do this through our TradePass. TradePass is our risk management solution that verifies and authenticates each company and member on the BluePallet platform. This authetneication process ensures the trustworthiness of members doing business on our platform.
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